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I have been supporting the Tagaytay City Special Education Center in the Philippines since 2020 when they went through the dangers of the Taal Volcano eruption when I helped them with cleaning supplies to remove all the ash buildup at the school facility.

Since then, I have provided support in several other initiatives.

I have also worked with them on some education programs that I have created such as:

- The Sustainable Food Production Project where their students are replicating the aquaponics technology to verify its adaptability in the Philippines

- The Extinction Call to Action Project where their students are raising awareness of the dangers of the Tarsier in the Philippines going extinct

This time, I came here to ask for your help in updating their sensory room which will not only benefit their students but also the students around their location.


The Tagaytay City Special Education Center plans to add the following equipment in their sensory room:

10 sets of rubber mat

Vestibular ball for adult

Sensory tunnel

Balance beam

Ball pit (playpen ball & paddling pool)

Hula hoops


Big trampoline

Warning cones

Hopscotch grid circle

Frog jumping toy

Ball ring throwing ball


Balance trainer

Resistance band

Kettle bell

Jumping rope

Wall mirror

Bean bags


You can contact Nicole directly for donations or, for your convenience, we also started a GoFundMe Campaign. Simply click on the link below:

Click here to donate at the GoFundMe Campaign

We sincerely appreciated your support for the Tagaytay City Special Education Center for the Students with special needs.

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