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The existing process to produce food today requires a very large area and, due to the use of monoculture, it also requires a large quantity of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The irrigation system uses water in large amounts since the large surface increase evaporation and the use of soil result in water infiltration deep into it which is also lost.


Such systems result in degradation of the soil, chemicals runoffs to the planet’s rivers and oceans and a large amount of water being wasted. This inadequate use of our resources leads to big problems we are facing today. Oceans and rivers fauna and flora are being affected with several of them dying due to algae bloom resulted from the fertilizer and pesticides runoffs. Water is becoming difficult to access which is being aggravated by climate change. Desertification is affecting a large population worldwide. This lack of resources result in a huge problem for humanity which is the population migration. The normal outcome of such a problem is often conflicts.


The current food production process is not sustainable. This homepage describes some different options available today that, integrated with current technologies, can provide a sustainable food production process.

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