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I am joining forces with my Sister Queen Miss Philippines Mia Vanessa Prom in an effort to support the victims of the Super Typhoon Rai (known as Odette in the Philippines)  that made landfall in the Philippines 4 days ago as a category 4 with winds of 157 mph. So far, 375 people are deceased, 56 are missing and several injured.

Please, join our LIVE fundraising on Kumu or Facebook. It will happen on December 22 and 23, from 6PM to 7PM EST.

Kumu id: nicoleharagutchi

Facebook link:


You can contribute to our cause then or at any time.

We encourage all to donate directly at UNICEF Philippines or, if you prefer, simply leave a message for me here at the end of this page.

Thank you very much for your support!

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