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From Nicole Haragutchi



To Madam Vice-President

Mrs. Kamala Harris,


I have been hearing of several problems that are happening to our country and a lot of those are really related to one only problem. If we use the power of the government together with an integrated plan and policies, we would be able to solve all these problems. I have heard of problems such as:

  • Illegal migration at the south border

  • Drought on the Western US States

  • Floods on the Southeast US

  • Increase homelessness in the US

  • Increase violence and killing sprees

These are some of the problems that are really related to one solution and if this solution is approached from an overall perspective and allied with the correct partnership and marketing programs, we could solve all these problems at once and the leadership that brings all these efforts together will take the credit to save not only the country but also the world.

When we talk about climate change, people get skeptic and they are afraid of what will happen to them when policies towards correcting climate change are implemented. We need to take an opposite approach and let the public know what we are really looking for when defining climate change policies. That will help them see the benefits for them and they will not be afraid of what may come.

Climate change cannot be solved with only controlling the carbon emissions. We need to have a complete plan that only the government can implement. And, by doing that, we will be solving all the problems listed above and more. This overall plan needs to include:

  • Not only controlling the carbon emissions but also the carbon absorption with educational programs geared towards our farmer community by showing them the advantages of regenerative farming. By doing this, the farming community will understand that we are on their side and we can help them going through the crisis we are going through with drought on the West and storms on the East. This will start eliminating drought, wildfires, and pollution runoffs in the form of nitrates that are killing river and marine life and ecosystems.

  • Help the entrepreneurship not only in the carbon emission area but also in the carbon absorption by supporting not only the focus of gas to electric but also regenerative farming, urban vertical farming, recycling of water resources, recycling of plastics into construction material, closed cycle plant growth.

  • Make an overall plan where the government can partner with large companies and conservation groups to work together on solving problems such as terraforming, regenerative farming, new technologies to bring to market that will implement these goals and also minimize pollution, increase recycling, use of new alternative energies, new transportation methods.

  • Include in this overall plan the support we will provide the regular citizen by supporting initiatives such as having each citizen also contributing to the overall food and energy production which can also change the way we define urban development.

  • Include in this overall plan the support we will provide the regular citizen by providing them a completely different way we eat, travel, and communicate using different energy source, mode of transportation and transmission technologies

All this needs to be presented on a different way to the public. We are not just following the agreement of the climate change agreement. We are not going to obligate companies to pay for carbon emissions. We are really partnering with these companies and the public to stop the killing of flora and fauna.  We are partnering with them to bring back the rain to the West and soften the storms in central and Eastern US. We need to go into details such as:

  • How we can minimize the killing of the manatees in Florida

  • How we can minimize the wildfires in California

  • How we can minimize the drought affecting the farmers on the West

  • How we can lower the level of homelessness in our cities

  • How we can lower the violence level in our cities

  • How we can save the low-level land in our coast

  • How we can solve the problem of illegal immigration in our Southern border

If we have a real integrated plan that includes not only following climate change agreement requirements but also the real solution for the problems we face in our country, we will receive full support from our population and the respect from the international groups and organizations.


This document was created by Nicole Haragutchi and her parents as part of her platform of supporting efforts that can bring us a better world. Nicole is an awarded 3rd grade gifted student with several titles already in her belt such as Miss Florida American Teen, Miss Teen USA, UNM Miss Florida Sweetheart, Sunburst Orange Park Miss, Miss Worldwide International Princess and Royal International Miss Philippines. Nicole’s work has been published in her “If You Can Dream” Foundation at

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