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The Extinction Club at Timberlin Creek Elementary School would like to invite you to the TRUST for SUSTAINABLE LIVING (TSL) International Student Essay Competition.

The competition is open to students worldwide. They are divided in two groups:

- 7 to 11 years old (essay of 400 words)

- 12 to 18 yeas old (essay of 600 words)

Each student is invited to submit one essay in English, entitled: “How can young people be better supported to thrive in green jobs?”

They want to hear students’ own views on how they feel they can be better supported to succeed in the green jobs market. Students are invited to approach the topic however they wish. They are strongly encouraged to include their own personal views, perspectives and experiences to help bring their thoughts and visions alive.


The deadline for the essay submissions is January 11, 2023.

One overall Grand Prize trophy winner will receive a free international trip to a TSL Summit, including £500 spending money. The Top 10 essay medallists will receive eco-friendly e-medals with redeemable gift tokens.


Here are some important links:


- Details of the TSL International Student Essay Competition

Essay entry into the competition has to be done by your teacher:

The Extinction Club will help you coming with an idea and create your entry.

If you need to contact us, simply fill out the form below or contact Nicole directly.

Please, note that the award winning samples below are for other competitions that were based on video entries. This one described here is based on text (essay).

Good luck!

Here is Nicole's award winning video used in the ORISE May 2022 challenge which was focused in sharing a STEM experience she was working on:

Here is Nicole's award winning video used in the ORISE August 2022 challenge which was focused on extracurricular activities:

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