The Extinction Club at Timberlin Creek Elementary School would like to invite you to the Orise STEM Branching Out Challenge. This challenge is open to K to 12th graders who will be showing off their extracurricular activities and explain how they relate to STEM.

The deadline for video submissions is August 31.

Three videos will be awarded for each grade group. Here are the grade groups and respective prizes:

K-2nd grade:

  • Leapfrog Academy

3rd -5th grade:

  • Q-BA-MAZE 2.0: Ultimate Stunt Set

6th-8th grade:

  • Mini Projector

9th-12th grade:

  • Mini Projector


Here is Nicole's award winning video used in the last challenge which was focused in sharing a STEM experience she was working on:

Here are some important links:


- Details of the ORISE STEM Branching Out Challenge

- Video Submission


The Extinction Club will help you coming with an idea and create your video.

If you need to contact us, simply fill out the form below or contact Nicole directly.

Good luck!