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Cecilia from Suzano in Brazil is a vibrant 7
years old girl. When she was 1 year and 4
months old she accidentally ingested sodium
hydroxide at her grandmother's house. This
product is commonly used in cleaning
products and it burns the flesh. Her mother,
who was working when it happened, came to
pick her up at grandmother's house and she
found her already in convulsions.

Cecilia's mother is a maid so it has been very
difficult for her to go over the 4 years
intensive treatment plus the extra treatment
that she is going through still today. To make
things worse, Cecilia's father passed away 3
years ago.

Cecilia is the next recipient of our Foundation.
She was brought to our attention by our
Ambassador in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sonia
Kajimoto and our Ambassador in Mogi das
Cruzes, Brazil, Sonia Lima.


Cecilia is working with me to help the families in need in that region. On the photos:

1) Meet Marisa who has a disabled son of 37 years old

2) Meet Renata who has 6 children and her husband has lost his job because of the COVID-19 crisis

3) Meet Lindaura who does not have any relatives close by and suffers from high blood pressure

Being a fighter herself, Cecilia still have time and will to help others. Thank you for having me as your partner in this important work for the Suzano region in Brazil.

On all photos Cecilia is accompanied by her mother and little brother.

This distribution happened in March 28.

I am now working with Cecilia on her dream. She wants to participate in a Pageant like me. I am coaching Cecilia and sponsoring her on the UniversAbility Pageant in Ocala, FL, where she will participate remotely through Zoom meeting.

This is part of my "If You Can Dream" Foundation: bringing dreams to the students with special needs!

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