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On this Autism Awareness Month, the "If You Can Dream" Foundation in the Philippines would like to invite you to a full fun day on October 16, 2021. The objective is to raise awareness on autism and we will be focusing on several activities that will be remote due to the COVID-19 situation. Activities will include:

- Autism Awareness Walk (you setup your time, invite your friends and record your walk and send us for publication)

- Autism Awareness Art Poster

- Autism Awareness Jingle

- Autism Awareness Slogan

In addition, you can also participate by sending your Tik-Tok dance, singing video, and recyclable art display.

Everything will be published in our site. Use your creativity, express yourself with any art, and let's help raise awareness on autism in our community.


Artwork for publication can be sent in any format to:

teagan logan.jpg

Here is our first entry for the Autism Awareness Month. There couldn't have a better way to celebrate this month with personal experiences. Teagan (2021 UniversAbility Pageant Junior Princess) and Logan (2021 UniversAbility Pageant Little Princess) are featured on this article from Abilities Magazine where their mother Kara Haloen details her plans for their future.

Congratulations to Teagan, Logan and Kara!

Additional entries for our Autism Awareness Month will be published here.

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